MOSS: Iterating through custom lists and returning filtered data to InfoPath

Business Scenario:

Provide a method that enables users to enter accurate purchase requisitions quickly.

Business problem:

The client does business with several hundred vendors.

Vendors are "type" specific. This means that a vendor sells co…

MOSS: Observations on InfoPath debugging

InfoPath form server error messages are misleading.

During development of an InfoPath form, I would post it to MOSS server and access the form. The form would start to load and then generate a misleading error message pointing me to the windows e…

MOSS: Updating a custom list

There are many good examples of updating custom lists via the SDK. Here is yet another.

Business problem: InfoPath form has been designed that enables users to enter online purchase requisitions. PO Requisition numbers should be traditional sequenc…

Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of Microsoft .NET–based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.

By clicking Get Microsoft Silverlight you accept the Silverlight lice…

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – Beta 1 Download

Microsoft Has released the Beta 1 version of Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5. Download it from here.
.NET Framework 3.5 is planned to release at the end of 2007 and will ship with Visual Studio code name ”Orcas” and will also continue to be available…

Associate a workflow

Set the tag in the metadata section to true in the workflow.xml file to associate a workflow for a document library with the Document Content Type. This will enable the workflow to be associated by default with all the document libraries of document c…