Quick and Simple: Make an InfoPath Form Read Only (InfoPath Forms Services in MOSS)

There’s a common business scenario like this:

User fills out an InfoPath form.
Submits form.
Long-running workflow process kicks off.
While the workflow is running, we don’t want anyone to change the content of the form.

This office….

Use Semaphores in SharePoint Designer Workflow to Prevent Endless Loops

It’s possible to cause an endless loop in a SharePoint Designer workflow.  A common implementation pattern like this causes the problem:

Create a workflow and associate with a list.
Indicate that it should start on create of new items and upd…

Developers: How Do I Learn SharePoint?

UPDATE: 04/25/08: Was catching up on some blog posts and found a link to this article: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2008/032608-microsoft-sharepoint.html?page=1.  I make note of it because in addition to asking, "how do I learn sharepoint?&#34…

How to Deploy Solution Package in MOSS 2007

To deploy the solution package like *.wsp or *.cab in SharePoint FARM.

first we need to add the solution package file to the solution store, then it can be deployed at web application level or in FARM level(Global Deployment).

Use the following stsad…

Data Protection Manager: Seems Like a Great SharePoint Backup/Restore Solution

At the New Jersey SharePoint User Group meeting last night, Microsoft Sr. product specialist DuWayne Harrison presented Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007.  DuWayne was great (and he was supported by one or two colleagues from the audience whose n…

Walk-through: Fix Employee Training Template Available Seats Unregister Bug

As many people know, the Employee Training template provided by Microsoft here has a bug that we can reproduce following these steps:

Create a class with a max size of 10 students.
Register –> Total available seats properly decrements by o…

How to Send an EMail From WebPart in MOSS 2007

Hi Devs,
The following is the piece of code to send Email from webpart.
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Text;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
using System…

Random Saturday Morning Observation

I’ve been in classes these past two weeks and one thing that strikes me is that there are a lot of thoughtful, smart people working on SharePoint (as consultants or IT staff) who don’t blog, twitter, seem aware of public message boards like…

Codeplex & RSS

Not sure if everyone realizes, but codeplex has a nice daily updates RSS feed that I find very helpful.
In addition, all of the codeplex projects have their own feeds.
Every day, I scan through it and add any sharepoint related projects’ fe…

Twittering Away …

at http://twitter.com/pagalvin
Sadly, I cleaned out my gmail account hours before signing up, so it didn’t find anyone when it searched for contacts.
If you’re using Twitter, let me know and I’ll gladly connect.