Unable to connect to SQL Server session database the connection string was returned by an instance of the IPartitionResolver type

Today, I was playing with authentication providers for setting up the site with anonymous access.

Suddenly the site started throwing the below error. I have no clue what’s wrong on the DB Server, then I restarted the DB Server no luck L


WebCast : Client Object Model in SharePoint 2010

I am planning for a webcast with demo in “Client Object Model in SharePoint 2010″ on February 9th 2010.
Register for the event here

List level Validation in SharePoint 2010

In my earlier article, I wrote about column level validation in SharePoint 2010.

List level validation will trigger before saving the content. The validation should return TRUE to save the content.

Library Information List:

I have created sample lis…

User Profile Exception Error while Creating Sample Data in SharePoint 2010 Configuration Wizard

I encountered the following error while running Configuration wizard for SharePoint 2010.

You need to Install the hotfix for Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7. Download here from Microsoft Connect.


Error in Log File:


Column Validation in SharePoint 2010

Most of the developers faced issues with column validations in SharePoint 2003/2007.

It is really painful to write the validation using custom approach like javascript or jquery.

SharePoint 2010 provides the following validations in Out of the Box.