SharePoint 2010 Solution Stuck in “Deploying” Status

I used PowerShell to deploy a solution to a SharePoint farm (h/t:  Corey Roth and his blog post). 
I then went to the central admin, accessed System Settings and then “Manage farm solutions” to deploy it to the farm and to my (slight) di…

Error of the Day: “Cannot Add the Specified Assembly to the GAC”

I’ve been fighting a bit with visual studio 2010 on a an sp2010 solution and was getting this error:
Error occurred in deployment step ‘Add Solution’: Error: Cannot add the specified assembly to the global assembly cache: YourAwesomeDLLTh…

Quick and Easy: Debugging VS 2010 Solution Deployment

Visual Studio 2010 reports hard-to-debug errors during deployment some times.  A quick and easy way to do some very rough debugging is to throw your own named exceptions.  Visual Studio will show them in the output console.
Consider this bit …

Timer Job FeatureActivated And Feature Scope

I’ve been working with some code that someone handed to me for a timer job.  He hadn’t provided the actual feature activation code so I had to write it, of course.  I took advantage of Andrew Connell’s famous blog post on the subject.

CodePlex Project Update: SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions

A while ago, I wrote that I was trying to resurrect my old CodePlex project, SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions.  That CodePlex project was developed for WSS/MOSS and adds a handful of utility type functions, such as “ToLower()”, “ToUpp…

Where is Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.Administration.dll?

I was handed a visual studio project that references Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.Administration.dll.  It took me a little while to find it and I thought I’d share.  In my environment, it’s located at:
c:\program files\common fi…

SharePoint 2010 claims authentication login using code

Implement custom login screen for claims (forms) authenticated site programmatically:

First, include SharePoint Identity Model assembly reference to your class,

Then, use Authenticate forms user method to validate-login users programmatically and redirect to . . . → Read More: SharePoint 2010 claims authentication login using code

Integrating SAP Business Objects with SharePoint

Coming Soon….. . . . → Read More: Integrating SAP Business Objects with SharePoint

Silent Print PDF without print dialog

After trying different options I found a good solution to print pdf silently without print dialog. It is a suitable solution for users having document printed quickly in no time.

To achive this, I used iTextSharp open source library to manipulate pdfs. Download free library and add itextsharp.dll refence to your visual studio project.

Go to your class file . . . → Read More: Silent Print PDF without print dialog

BrightStarr US Looking for SharePoint Analyst

My company, BrightStarr, is looking for a SharePoint business analyst.  Our goal is to work with someone who:

Understands the platform very well
Has a good idea of what’s a smart SharePoint solution versus a cobbled together house of cards