SharePoint 2010 KeywordQuery and Anonymous Users

I enabled anonymous access in my site to test out a search web part I’ve been developing and to no great surprise, it didn’t quite work.  Anonymous access is pretty much always a challenge for me.
In this case, the initial search wasn’t runn…

SharePoint 2010 KeywordQuery and the HiddenConstraints Property

I’ve been doing a bit of work with the KeywordQuery object in SharePoint 2010 and making use of the HiddenConstraints property.
I didn’t find any immediately helpful information on the that property, so I thought I’d quickly jot down how I’ve b…

Example: XSLT Creating HTML Href’s

I’ve been doing a bit of XSL stuff lately and thought I’d put together a sample for my future reference and that may be of value to all of us XSLT-ers making a living in the internets.
Consider the following XML:
<FdcSearchTabsCollection Count=…

SharePoint MVP Chat on Wed 04/20

I’ll be participating in one of the period MVP chats next week, 04/20.  Here’s Microsoft’s write-up and link to the registration:
Do you have tough technical questions regarding SharePoint for which you’re seeking answers? Do you want …

One Reason for “One or more field types are not installed properly”

I was making a small tweak yesterday to a web part that does a CAML query against a list.  I made the change, deployed it and got hit with an error:
An unexpected error has occurred in the Three Day Outlook Weather Forecast WebPart. Please contact…

Quick Fix For “There has been an error while loading the form”

I’m testing a custom SharePoint Designer 2010 activity this fine Sunday afternoon and I was unexpectedly hitting a “Critical Error” when trying to launch the workflow:
There has been an error while loading the form.
Click Start Over to load a new…