Quick Tip: BDC ADF Version Numbers Are Your Friend

If you’re hand-coding ADF files and doing a lot of code/import/test cycles, use the version number to make your life easier. 
I hate to admit it, but until this week, I was always deleting the ADF and re-importing it.  This would break my busi…

Solution: BDC Picker Shows Only One Column Of Results

In my on-going attempts at providing a more useful lookup column using BDC, I hit a wall with the BDC picker.  If you haven’t see it, the BDC picker is similar to a people picker except that it works with columns of type "business data"….

Solution to BDC ADF Import Failure: “The following error occurred:”

I was once again crafting BDC ADF files by hand (so that I can build up my "get off my lawn!" cred) and hit this lovely error:

"Application definition import failed.  The following error occurred:"
As you can see, there’s an e…

BDC Seems a Viable Replacement For Lookups

UPDATE: This MSDN posting has some interesting observations from JXJ based on his, mainly negative, experiences going down this path: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2623565&SiteID=1

We have a business scenario where we need …

Solution to BDC Import Error: “Could not load Type described by TypeDescriptor’s TypeName …”

I’ve been working with BDC today, coding ADF files by hand and generating myself some errors.  One such error:

Application definition import failed. The following error occurred: Could not load Type described by TypeDescriptor’s TypeName….

A BDC runtime error explained

I caused a BDC error this week that manifested itself on the user interface and in the 12 hive log at runtime.
First, this appeared in the user interface:

Could not find fields to insert all the Identifier Values to correctly execute a SpecificFinder…

BDC ADF and your friend, CDATA

I’ve noticed some awkward and unnecessary hand-encoding of RdbCommandText in some examples (including MSDN documentation).
I wanted to point out to newcomers to BDC that commands can be wrapped inside a CDATA tag in their "natural" form.

Functional Example: BDC ADF that connects to SQL database with embedded user id and password

I needed to wire up MOSS to a SQL database via BDC.  For testing/POC purposes, I wanted to embed the SQL account user id and password in the ADF.  Starting with this template (http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms564221.aspx), I created an ADF …