Craig’s List worked well for me

I posted a classified ad for selling my car in Bergen county, NJ on Sunday night.  I received several inquiries via email shortly thereafter and closed the deal with someone on Tuesday night.

Almost too good to be true …

MOSS advanced search customization — Case does matter in advanced search XSLT

I don’t modify advanced search XSLT very often, so it seems like I’m climbing small hills every time.

My newest lesson is this: Case matters when referencing a column. In my advanced search, I have columns defined as this:

<root xmlns:xsi="">  <Columns>    <Column Name="GafTrainingInvoiceNumber" />    <Column Name="GafTrainingInvoiceLocation" />    <Column Name="WorkId"/>    <Column Name="Rank"/>    <Column Name="Title"/>    <Column Name="Author"/>    <Column Name="Size"/>    <Column Name="Path"/>    <Column Name="Description"/>    <Column Name="Write"/>    <Column Name="SiteName"/>    <Column Name="CollapsingStatus"/>    <Column Name="HitHighlightedSummary"/>    <Column Name="HitHighlightedProperties"/>    <Column Name="ContentClass"/>    <Column Name="IsDocument"/>    <Column Name="PictureThumbnailURL"/>  </Columns></root>

The XLST that displays the invoice number and invoice location had been:

    <p>      Training Invoice Number: <xsl:value-of select="GafTrainingInvoiceNumber"/>      <br></br>      Training Invoice Location: <xsl:value-of select="GafTrainingInvoiceLocation"/>    </p>

However, the select has to reference […]

Password rules from hell

This is pretty funny.

MOSS: Functional Example – Custom Data Type

Business Scenario:

Enterprise-wide implementation of MOSS for manufacturing company with 30+ sites and a few dozen corporate departments.

Business Objective:

Despite a multitude of business groups (departments, locations, etc), certain data should be maintained at a global level. For example, an authoritative master list of all physical locations of the company (e.g. manufacturing facilities, warehouse […]

WSS: Technique for creating CAML field definitions.

Additional category: CAML

Here is a great posting by a fellow named "craig" on a technique for finding CAML definitions for field content types based off real live definitions from a site.

His posting says it all. In brief:

Create a content type.

Associate it with a list.

Open up the list with SharePoint Designer.

Export to a "personal web package".

Rename […]

WSS: Summary steps to enable useful Features/Elements/etc. Intellisense in VS 2005

Additional categories: Visual Studio 2005

To enable useful intellisense for Features, elements, etc in visual studio 2005:

Access a WSS server.

Navigate to "c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\XML"

Open another windows explorer pointing to: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Xml\Schemas"

Copy the following files from the WSS server to your VS 2005 schemas directory:





Restart VS 2005

Add a new XML file […]

WSS exam 70-541, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 – Application Development

I took and passed the above mentioned test this morning. I found the exam to be difficult and fair.

There is a relative dearth of information on this exam on the web. I’m not sure why.

I obviously won’t get into any detail about the exam I took, but I think I can safely say the following:

Trust […]

MOSS / InfoPath Forms Server (InfoPath 2007) drop-down list performance

Additional category: InfoPath

Summary: An InfoPath 2007 form deployed to a MOSS server provides a drop-down list of vendors tied to a custom MOSS list. Upon selecting a vendor, rules assign field values to a handful of text fields such as sales rep name, address, city, state, zip and phone. Performance is horrible. […]

MOSS: Exception occurred. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80020009 (DISP_E_EXCEPTION))

UPDATE: We never determined the root cause of this problem and it never surface again.

We notice during implementation of a development site that suddenly, two users are unable to access a site collection. Those accounts can authenticate to the main site, but when trying to access a particular site collection, they just get a blank […]