This is Why I don’t Like Using Tools Day Zero

If the tool is doing stuff you don’t understand and then it fails in step n of an unknown number of steps, you’re dead in the water…


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Solution to BDC ADF Import Failure: “The following error occurred:”

I was once again crafting BDC ADF files by hand (so that I can build up my "get off my lawn!" cred) and hit this lovely error:

"Application definition import failed.  The following error occurred:"

As you can see, there’s an error, but … it’s not going to tell me what it is.

In my case, the […]

BDC Seems a Viable Replacement For Lookups

UPDATE: This MSDN posting has some interesting observations from JXJ based on his, mainly negative, experiences going down this path:

We have a business scenario where we need to link two documents libraries via a common "document ID" field.

We often use a lookup column to implements links like this.  There are several drawbacks to lookup […]

Solution to BDC Import Error: “Could not load Type described by TypeDescriptor’s TypeName …”

I’ve been working with BDC today, coding ADF files by hand and generating myself some errors.  One such error:

Application definition import failed. The following error occurred: Could not load Type described by TypeDescriptor’s TypeName. Parameter name: typeName Error was encountered at or just before Line: ’35’ and Position: ’20’.

MOSS displayed this error when I tried […]

Solution to Problem: “FileNotFoundException” With My Feature Receiver.

I was working on a feature last week that would add some event receivers to a specific list instance.  (I blogged a bit about that list receiver here).

Using the command line, I could install the feature with no error (but see below for the hidden error).  When I tried to deploy the feature on the […]

Sunday Funny: Top 10 Ways To Annoy Your Wife

Buy broccoli when you know there is already more than enough in the fridge.
Go for a run.  Cool off.  Take off clean pillow case and replace with T-shirt.  Cover with clean pillow case.
When driving, ask if we should go the wrong way down a one-way street.
For 15 years, every Sunday that you wife suggests going […]

Event ID 1023: “Windows cannot load extensible counter DLL MSSCNTRS”

UPDATE (04/08/08): I seem to have solved this problem.  From the command line, I ran "c:\windows\system32\lodctr /R" as per an entry talking about InstallShield problems and that appears to have solved it for me.

I have noticed that lately, my desktop/server fan never turns off.  I know it used to turn off.  I took a moment […]

Quick & Easy: Rename Uploaded File Using SharePoint Object Model Via an Event Receiver


UPDATE: This works but there are significant limitations which are described in the comments.  This may still be useful in some cirumstances.

UPDATE 2: In my current project, users always upload documents.  As a result, I don’t run into a problem where MS Word is running and thinks that the file was renamed on it.  I […]

Forum Discussion: Enforcing Best Practices Compliance in Non-Trivial MOSS Environment

A fellow, "Mark", has started up a potentially interesting newsgroup discussion focusing on "establishing excellent SharePoint Governance from the start" for a 35,000 user environment.

The discussion is here:

Pop on over and contribute!


Custom Action URL Won’t Display for New Feature

I’m still in the habit of crafting my feature XML files by hand since it’s all quite new to me.  I don’t want to rely on a front-end tool that does stuff I don’t understand (he said as he wrote a blog entry using a tool he does not understand).

Today, I was trying to add […]