Minor Public Announcement: Windows Live Security Settings and Contacting Space Owners

I receive a handful of messages from individuals via the built-in "send a message" function Microsoft provides with live spaces (which also hosts my blog) every month.

About one third of the time, those users have secured their live spaces account such that I cannot reply.  This is some kind of anti-spam feature I assume.


Simple Explanation: “Value does not fall within the expected range.”

UPDATE: An anonymous poster left a great comment about internal names.  Be sure to read it.

When working with event receivers and other code that references SharePoint list items via the object model, I often make mistakes that generate this error at runtime:

Error loading and running event receiver Conchango.xyzzyEventReceiver in xyzzy, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0dc50a750396c3ac. Additional information […]

End User Quick Tip: Sort Views in a Document Library, List, etc.

We can, should and do create many views in SharePoint lists (document libraries, custom lists, etc).  SharePoint always lists available views in alphabetical order.  We cannot change this using out of the box functionality.  If it can be done via customization (and I’m not sure it can), it’s far to technical for your typical end […]

Sunday Funny: “When I Was a Little Boy”

As a parent, somewhere along the line I discovered the "When I was a little boy" trick. 

My son, probably four or five at the time, was playing a balloon and like most little boys that play with balloons, he popped it.  He was very upset.  The world had come to an end.  I said to […]

Views and Columns on Lists and Document Libraries Cannot Be Secured

UPDATE (02/29/08): This new codeplex project seems to provide a method for securing individual columns:  If you have any experience working with it, please leave a comment.

Forum posters frequently ask a question like this: "I have a manager view and and a staff view of a list.  How do I secure the manager view […]

Quick Tip: BDC ADF Version Numbers Are Your Friend

If you’re hand-coding ADF files and doing a lot of code/import/test cycles, use the version number to make your life easier. 

I hate to admit it, but until this week, I was always deleting the ADF and re-importing it.  This would break my business data columns and make me re-wire them.  All unnecessary.

File this […]

Solution: BDC Picker Shows Only One Column Of Results

In my on-going attempts at providing a more useful lookup column using BDC, I hit a wall with the BDC picker.  If you haven’t see it, the BDC picker is similar to a people picker except that it works with columns of type "business data".

You access the picker by clicking on the open […]

Quick & Easy: Create a Folder and Assign a Content Type (Or, Have Your KPIs and Eat Them Too)

In order to work around a KPI problem I wrote about here, I did some testing and discovered that KPI’s work against folders with meta data in the same way that they work against documents or list items.   I proved it out by creating a new content type based on the folder content type and […]

Quick and Easy: Get the SPFolder of an SPListItem in an Event Receiver

I hate to admit it, but I struggled with this one all day.  My event receiver needs to update a field of its parent folder.  This little bit shows how to do it:

        private void UpdateParentFolder(SPItemEventProperties properties)        {

            SPFolder thisItemFolder = properties.ListItem.File.ParentFolder;            thisItemFolder.Item["ZZ Approval Status"] = "Good news, everyone!";            thisItemFolder.Item.Update();                                } // UpdateParentFolder

In […]

Yet Another Event Receiver Debug Trick

I’m sure I’m not the first person to come up with this.  However, I haven’t noticed anyone publish a trick like this since I started paying close attention to the community last July.  So, I thought I’d post it this quick and easy debug tip.

I’m working on an event receiver that started to generate this […]