Determine FAST QRServer Port

In order to communicate with FAST Search via its API, we need to know the port on which the QRServer is running.

I followed these steps to locate it:

Log into the FAST admin site (http://server:port/admin).
Navigate to System Overview.
Locate "Search Dispatcher" and click the spyglass icon:

I successfully used the value, 15100 for "Info Name" […]

Towards SharePoint Technical Design Patterns: SharePoint Designer Workflow + Event Receiver = High Potency Cocktail

One of the emerging patterns I find in crafting SharePoint solutions leverages SharePoint Designer workflow and an event receiver.

Here is a business scenario to put it in context:

I upload a document to a doc lib.
I kick off multi-step workflow created using SharePoint Designer.
At some point during that process, workflow assigns a […]

Observed Behavior: Moving SPD Workflows Within a Site Collection


UPDATE: I’ve been researching how to embed a SPD workflow into a site definition.  This MSDN forum chain has some interesting information.  It’s not conclusive, but points to path through the jungle.

I’m giving this post a slightly oddball "Observed Behavior" lead since I’m a little leery of drawing conclusions from it.  SPD workflows are … […]

Quick and Simple: Workflow-only Update Field

It’s often useful to store status information in a custom list such as an approval code which should never be directly manipulated by end users.  This is a common business scenario.  I have been working on a project this year that generates various status and reminder dates via SharePoint Designer workflows that then drive KPIs […]

Sunday Funny: “I Thought This Was Supposed to Be a Rich Town”

A little over three years ago, my wife and I signed my son up for a summer activity, The Midland Park Players.  This is a drama group that spends about three or four weeks preparing for a play and then showing it to the parents, friends and relatives.  It’s always been done very well.

I don’t […]

SharePoint Does Not Provide Calendar Roll-ups; Potential Solutions

UPDATE: An anonymous person in the comments posts this link:

Forum users often ask a question like this:

"I would like to have a calendar at the site level that is populated by events from subsite calendars.   Ideally, users in subsites will create calendar events, and will have the option of marking them as ‘public.’  Events marked […]

Create Sites (SPWeb) via SharePoint Designer Workflow

This blog entry is more of an "in the realm of the possible" entry vs. concrete info.

We have a technical design that calls for us to create a site in a site collection via a manually launched workflow process.  Basically, users enter data into a "new customer" custom list and then when they have finished […]

Quick and Simple: Provision a Web Site Using SharePoint Object Model In C#

I tried searching for a little snippet code that would show how I can create a new SPWeb in a site collection.  I didn’t find it as quickly or easily as I expected so I thought I’d slap together a little entry on the subject.

This code creates a new Wiki site:

SPSite siteCollection;


Integrate SharePoint Designer Workflows with Web Services

I’ve been playing around with custom actions for SharePoint Designer for some time (see here for some detailed stuff, if that interests you).

In my current project, we need to do some fairly heavy lifting and we want to use declarative SPD workflow to manage the associated business process. 

Long story short, this is entirely possible.  […]

Sunday Funny: “I wonder if your password is …”

I recently bought lunch for my brother (as usual) and we ended up talking about funny things that we did at our respective colleges.  At my alma mater, Lafayette College, the academic support IT department had a very inclusive way about it.  We were given a LOT of rope and I took advantage of that […]