SharePoint Migration Tip: Use “untagged data” Views For Incremental Migration

In one or my very first blog posts, I described the overall process we followed to migrate a customer from SPS 2003 to MOSS.  A reader left a comment asking for more detail and here it is.

For that migration project, we had to find a good way to move a lot of SPS 2003 documents […]

SharePoint Wildcard Search: “Pro” Is Not a Stem of “Programming”

On the MSDN search forum, people often ask a question like this:

"I have a document named ‘Programming Guide’ but when I search for ‘Pro’ search does not find it."

It may not feel like it, but that amounts to a wildcard search.  The MOSS/WSS user interface does not support wildcard search out of the box.

If you […]

Logging Workflow Activity in SharePoint Designer

Last week, I was working out how to loop and implement a state machine using SharePoint Designer and mentioned, as an aside, that I would probably write a blog post about better workflow logging.

Well, Sanjeev Rajput beat me to it.  Have a look. 

Saving log data into a custom list seems superior to using the […]

The Trouble With Tribbles … err .. KPIs

This past week I finished off a proof of concept project for a client in Manhattan.  While implementing the solution, I ran into another shortcoming of MOSS KPIs (see here for a previous KPI issue and my workaround).

Background: We used SharePoint Designer workflow to model a fairly complex multi-month long business process.  As it chugged […]

MOSS Small Farm Installation and Configuration War Story

This week, I’ve struggled a bit with my team to get MOSS installed in a simple two-server farm.  Having gone through it, I have a greater appreciation for the kinds of problems people report on the MSDN forums and elsewhere.

The final farm configuration:

SQL/Index/Intranet WFE inside the firewall.
WFE in the DMZ.
Some kind […]

Mea Culpa — SharePoint Designer *CAN* Create State Machine Workflows

I’ve recently learned that it’s possible and even fairly easy to create a state machine workflow using SharePoint Designer.  Necessity is the mother of invention and all that good stuff and I had a need this week that looked for an invention.  Coincidentally, I came across this MSDN forum post as well.  My personal experience […]

Learning the Hard Way — DMZ WFE Must be in a Domain

Although it’s not literally true, as a practical matter, an internet-facing web front end in a DMZ must be in a domain (i.e. not some standalone server in its own little workgroup).  It doesn’t need to be in the same domain as the internal WFE(s) and other servers (and probably shouldn’t), but it needs to […]

If You Haven’t Tried Twitter …

Twitter is a very odd duck.  I’ve been using Twitter for a little over a month and in some indefinable way, it’s almost as important to me as email.  I find myself vaguely unsettled if I wait too long before looking over what others are twittering about.  I get annoyed at Twitter’s occasional performance problems […]