Get Thee to a SharePoint User Group!

In the last two weeks, I attended the New Jersey SharePoint user group and the newly formed New York SharePoint Developers user group (as opposed to the more established New York SharePoint user group).

In New Jersey, the good people of NewsGator presented their product and covered a lot of very interesting social computing concepts.  If […]

Emailing Daily Task Reminders // Looping in SharePoint Designer Workflow

I wrote up a detailed article a few weeks ago describing how to create a SharePoint Designer workflow that sends a task reminder email on a daily basis.  It’s been published at the new SharePoint Magazine site.  More generally, the article shows how to create a looping structure in SPD.

The magazine has a wide variety […]

SharePoint Best Practices Conference

I’m speaking at the SharePoint Best Practices conference in November.

It’s sort of a funny story.  I was in Virginia presenting at the SUGDC conference and that Friday was the deadline to submit speaking proposals for the BP conference.  The organizers described how they would use a "blind selection" process and that every effort would be […]

My Latest “In Defense of SharePoint Designer” Article is Available

Mark Miller over at End User SharePoint has posted my latest article about using SharePoint Designer to create great workflow solutions up on his site.  Check it out.

In this article, I talk about the design process and, in greater detail, how to set up a reliable and repeatable test process using SharePoint features (custom lists, […]

How Do You Describe Your SharePoint Job?

How often does this happen to you?  I’m sitting at my laptop, reading blogs, responding to forum postings, 2 copies of visual studio open and VPN’d out to another server with its own visual studio + 15 browser windows (a typical day) and someone named Samantha (my wife, apparently) tells me, "We have be there […]

Hiding Custom Actions in SharePoint

Several months ago, while working on a project for a client, I created a feature.  Among other things, that feature defined a custom action (these appear under site settings).  The only purpose for this custom action was to demonstrate to me that the feature activation was working as expected.  Basically, I used it as a […]

Configure Thesaurus in MOSS

I’m working on an architecture review document this week and it suggests, among other things, that the client consider using the thesaurus to help improve the end user search experience.  Having never done this myself, I wanted to do a quick hands-on test so that my suggestion is authentic. 

It was surprisingly difficult to figure […]

Large-scale MOSS Document Management Projects: 50k Per Day, 10 Million Total

This past week, someone asked a question about creating a SharePoint environment that would handle a pretty high volume of new documents (10,000 +/- in this case).  I don’t know much about this, but thanks to this white paper, I feel much better informed.

For me, this white paper is pretty much just a book mark […]

SharePoint Performance — Quick (But Unusual) Tip

We’ve been working in a user acceptance testing (UAT) environment which, as compared to development, is dead slow.

It’s a complicated environment using FBA, SQL 2008, SSRS and extended web applications accessible over the internet using https, so it’s been hard to track down the issue.

For a previous client, we used FBA with an LDAP role […]

Fairfield/WestChester SharePoint User Group in Connecticut

My colleague (Natalya Voskresenskaya) and I will be speaking at the Fairfield/Westchester SharePoint User Group meeting at 6:00 PM on 07/16 (Wednesday).  We are talking about the content query web part.  This is the same (but improved version that we gave to New York in May).

Pre-register here:

Natalya and I hope to see you there!

Here’s […]