A Web Proxy Server Tried to Stop Me From Installing Windows Workflow Foundation, But I Defeated It

I’m working at a client site and needed to install windows workflow foundation so that I could so some SharePoint Designer work.  (I didn’t know until today that SPD installs fine but really needs at least .NET 2.0 and Windows Workflow Foundation to be really usable; I always assumed these were installed along with SPD, […]

Using Reflector on Microsoft.SharePoint.dll

Michael Blumenthal has put up an article about alerts and views ("Which views can be used when Creating an Alert ?"), which is interesting on its own merits.  However, I was even more interested to see how he methodically walks through the process of using Redgate’s .NET Reflector.  Step by step, he shows how […]

SPD Workflow: Display Full Name Instead of Domain\username

In what appears to be his inaugural blog posting, chiqnlips has delved into the madness that is a calculated column and described a solution to a common SharePoint Designer workflow email activity problem: How to display a person’s real name in an email instead of "domain\username."

I haven’t tested it myself, but it looks promising.  Check […]

SharePoint Predictions for 2009

I’ve read a few retrospectives on 2008 and this has got me to thinking about 2009.  Here are my guesses at the future of SharePoint in 2009.

Small Disclaimer

I’m a SharePoint MVP and as a result, I sometimes get a little advance information before it’s public.  I am NOT making any such information public.  I really […]

SharePoint Best Practices Conference Feb 2-4, 2009

I’ll be doing two presentations at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference this February in San Diego.

I haven’t been doing this thing long enough to get jaded by it, so every conference I attend is a, frankly, awesome.  However, I do think this conference is special.  There is zero marketing focus and the whole thing […]

Reading Through 1,000 Blog Entries in 3 Weeks is like Watching Lost Season Four in a Weekend

This past summer, while I was working on two chapters for the best SharePoint social computing book ever, I began to get very far behind in my blog reading.  I use Google Reader for my RSS stuff and when you have more than 1000 unread items, it just says, "1000+".

Over the last few weeks, I’ve […]

Porting SharePoint Designer Workflow from One List to Another

Mark Miller over at posted my latest article on SharePoint Designer workflow here (

I describe the basic approach for moving a workflow you create in one list to another list.  The other list can be in the same site, same site collection or an entirely different farm (e.g. from development to production).

This is a […]

SharePoint Guy Compares SharePoint to DotNetNuke

SharePoint is better.


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Is This the Best SharePoint Question Ever Asked?

I think so…


Why Can’t I Easily Port SharePoint Designer Workflow Solutions From One List to Another?

Mark Miller has posted my latest End User oriented SharePoint Designer Workflow article up on his site here:

I attempt to provide a straight-forward answer to the question, "Why can’t I easily port a SharePoint designer workflow from development to test?"  In the process, I also give some insight into what SPD is actually doing […]