Control Workflow Behavior with Custom Lists (Again)

Earlier this month, I put together an article originally planned for Mark Miller’s  However, I instead used like Dustin Hoffman used a cross at the end of the The Graduate to fend off my (awesome! friendly!) editor at TechTarget.

This is another SharePoint Designer workflow article in the same vein as my more recent effort […]

Use Control Lists to Create Flexible Workflow Solutions

Last week, Mark Miller posted my latest SharePoint Designer workflow article for end users on his site (

It starts like this:

We technical types use a lot of jargon and acronyms in our daily routine such as “OOP” (object oriented programming), “CT” (Content Types), “SPD” (SharePoint Designer), “RTFM” (please read the manual), etc.  This article concerns […]

Governance and SharePoint Search – It’s Never Too Late to Start

I wrote an article (,289483,sid1_gci1345231_mem1,00.html#) for on governance as it relates to SharePoint Search.  It’s not in my usual "voice" but that’s editing for you

Here is how it starts:

Although nearly every aspect of SharePoint can benefit from a strong governance plan, MOSS 2007’s enterprise search functionality benefits most of all.

Like all parts of […]

Upcoming FAST Presentation, Wednesday 01/28, Noon EDT

I’ll be doing my first ever online presentation hosted by the mighty EMC marketing machine at 12:00 noon EDT on Wednesday, 01/28. I have no idea what to expect from this, in terms of attendance.  However, since I’m leading it, I can tell you what to expect if you make time for it.

I’m going to […]

Self-Service Site Creation Isn’t Exactly About Creating Sites

Like many SharePoint consultant types, I’ve been exposed to a lot of SharePoint functionality.  Some times, I dive pretty deep.  Other times I just notice it as I’m flying by to another set of menu options.  One of those is "self-service site creation."  I haven’t had a need for it until this week.

This week, I […]

Speaking at New York SharePoint Developers Group Meeting

I’ll be presenting at the New York SharePoint Developers group meeting in New York at the Microsoft Offices on 6th Ave on Tuesday, 01/27 at 6:00 PM (just over a week from now!).

Sign up here.

It’s going to be a technical presentation where I walk through the process of creating a custom workflow action that can […]