SharePoint Demonstration: Leverage SharePoint to Build a Vertical Business Application

[Note: I want to straight away say that I have a financial interest in the desired outcome of this demonstration, which I mention in the interest of full disclosure, etc.  This is actually the first time I’ve ever blogged about an event where I stand to benefit personally in this way.]

This web demonstration takes place […]

You Can Pry SharePoint Designer From My Cold, Dead Hands

My latest article is up at  I wrote about SharePoint Designer, End Users and the outline of a strategy that End Users might try and follow in order to demonstrate competence and build trust around this tool.

The comments are more interesting than the article itself.

Check it out.


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Efficiently Follow Microsoft SharePoint (and Other) SharePoint Forums

I have been following MSDN forums for well over a year (and possibly almost 2 years at this point) and every now and then I hear from someone how “hard” it is to do that.  I find it quite easy and thought I’d share my “technique”.  This technique also works for (

Taking MSDN as […]

Use Custom Lists for More Effective Workflow Auditing

I’ve reorganized my life a bit and found some time to submit an article to  My latest article is up here: Use Custom Lists for More Effective Workflow Auditing (

This is the opening ‘graph:

SharePoint Designer workflow doesn’t give us a lot of visibility into what’s happening with our workflow solutions.  And, the visibility that […]

Bamboo Calendar Interacting with SharePoint Causes “An unexpected error occurred”

Today, I’ve been working in an environment that uses a Bamboo calendar web part for some improved collaboration.  This a standard medium/small farm with two load balanced WFEs, a “application server” for indexing and InfoPath and a clustered SQL back end.

The client installed some disaster recovery software onto one of the WFEs and that resulted […]

Griping about Windows Live Comment Control

I picked windows live spaces back in July of 2007 as my blogging platform.  For the most part, I don’t have any regrets and Microsoft certainly extends it over time (though I mainly find out about new features by accident).

My biggest complaint right now is blog spam.  This person / account ( (among others) frequently […]

SharePoint Saturday Phenomenon Continues (plus, my slide deck)

I returned from Washington DC yesterday after attending the latest SharePoint Saturday.  What a remarkable event!  Continuing the tradition of other SP Saturday’s, it was very well run.  The environment, the overall organization, the flow, vendor area, food … all of it was terrific.

Of course, the best part is the content and I don’t think […]