Pre-existing Conditions: SharePoint Alert Templates to the Rescue (?)

One of my clients worked with a previous contractor to build out a small but useful HR application for the enterprise.  That contractor used SharePoint Designer to implement the workflow portion of the solution.  It’s a bit of a mess.  For instance, there are nine SPD workflows in support of a single logical workflow process […]

Live SharePoint Q&A Session Thursday 07/30/09 @ 12:30 PM EDT ending 1:30PM EDT

Update: The format for this is basically a conference call with a couple of PPT slides to set the stage.  We have a SharePoint environment on stand by to fire up in case it helps out, but this is mainly people talking out loud.  There will be opportunities for follow up by email.

Going back to […]

Embed Developer Notes Inside Your InfoPath Forms

I’m still living in InfoPath Forms world and I needed to make one of those “small” changes to a form that, unfortunately, breaks a naming convention I adopted with it two weeks ago.  I thought to myself, “someone is going to look at this thing a year from now and say, ‘What was Paul thinking?  […]

Managing InfoPath Views

I seem to go through InfoPath phases where, out of the blue, I’m crafting a bunch of forms.  My fingers learn how to use the tool well and then I go through nine month drought and have to learn it all over again. 

I’m in the middle of an InfoPath phase and I’m creating InfoPath […]