SharePoint Shop Talk Thursday 10/01 @ 12:30 PM EDT (tomorrow!)

SharePoint Shop Talk registration is up and ready for tomorrow.

We have a few questions teed up that address some management issues (dev/test/prod and syncing up service packs), email notifications (how to select people to email based on metadata of a document) and some discussion around using InfoPath forms services in an FBA environment.

As always, if […]

Windows Live Spaces and Twitter Counter

I was DM’d a message from twitter today and thought I’d blog the answer.

The question is: “Hey Paul, quick one for you,how did you get the twitter counter into your live space as the script code is blocked when saved Thx”

I did this by adding a custom html widget to my live spaces page and […]

Managing Approval Groups with InfoPath in an FBA Environment

I have an expense approval process that I need to implement using InfoPath in a forms based authentication (FBA) environment using forms services (web based InfoPath).

There are two approval groups and the process works like this:

User fills out an expense report and submits it for approval.
That triggers an email to first level approver […]

SharePoint Shop Talk Recap (09/24/09 edition)

We finished our 8th SharePoint Shop Talk open Q&A session yesterday.  During that session, we covered the following topics:

How to send out a highly formatted email from a workflow created using SharePoint Designer.

Check out this link for a treasure trove of great SPD info and email:

Where to find information on the differences between SharePoint […]

SharePoint Shop Talk Thursday 09/24 @ 12:30 PM EDT

Registration is up and ready for tomorrow’s SharePoint Shop Talk at 12:30 PM.

During these conference calls, a panel of experienced SharePoint pro’s take your questions via email, via live meeting or directly over the phone.  We do our best to provide independent expert advice on all topics related to SharePoint.

Email your questions to “”, twitter […]

SharePoint Shop Talk this Thursday 09/17/09 12:30 PM EDT to 1:30 PM EDT

The next SharePoint Shop Talk takes place this Thursday, 09/17 at 12:30PM EDT.

What is SharePoint Shop Talk?  It’s a one hour conference call where a panel of SharePoint pro’s answer questions.  Send your questions to “”, leave a comment on my blog here or just ask them out loud on the call.  The panel tries […]

SharePoint Saturday New York

I’ve uploaded my presentation for the New York SharePoint Saturday here:

It’s not terribly useful if you don’t go to the presentation, but I do hope to add a lot of notes between now and Tampa, when I present it again.  That would give it more legs and context and be more generally useful.


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Wouldn’t it be Cool if …

I was going through my huge pile of MSDN magazines to get my wife off my back for 30 seconds to make room for new MSDN magazines and I came across an older article about integrating MS Speech Server with workflow foundation and I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to integrate all that with SharePoint?  […]

Consulting Can Be a Little Like Pulling Out Your Own Teeth

[Note: This article cross-posted to End User SharePoint here:]

Sometimes, when you’re working as a consultant (as a profession, or in a consultative role within your company), you find yourself living in an Onion story.  The Onion has a series of articles called “Ask an [expert] about [some problem]”.  This follows the famous “Dear Abby” […]

SharePoint Shop Talk Thursday, 09/10/09 at 12:30PM EDT

SharePoint Shop Talk continues this Thursday at 12:30 PM EDT to 1:30PM EDT.  This will be our 5th call I believe.  SharePoint Shop Talk works like this:

A panel of SharePoint Experts answer questions.  This week the panel includes Laura Rogers, Natalya Voskresenskaya, Harry Jones and me.
Any SharePoint question is fair game. 
Send or ask […]