SP 2010 CQWP, Document Libraries and Anonymous Users

Important update:  Waldek Mastykarz has posted a workaround here:
</end update>

This week, my team and I were upgrading a customer’s public internet site from MOSS to SP 2010.  The MOSS site uses the CQWP in several places.

We went through a very detailed procedure to ensure accuracy, quality and all that good stuff.  Despite that, we ran […]

Take Control of your OK and Cancel Buttons

I wrote this article a while back, but looks like I didn’t link to it from my blog at the time, so here goes:

This article describes how to force newform.aspx to redirect to one page when the user clicks OK and a different page when she clicks cancel.


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Create, Update and Delete Patterns with SPD Workflow

I recently wrote an article for the good people at on a general pattern for implemented CRUD in SharePoint Designer.  Here’s a teaser:

Full article here:

Check it out!


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