Finding Great SharePoint Talent

Here is another article I wrote for the good people at SharePoint Briefing entitled “Finding Great SharePoint Talent”.  The article tries to give some advice on how to find truly good and well-experienced people when you’re looking to expand your staff.

Here is a teaser:

Check it out.


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Backup-SPSite cmdlet Silently Fails When Executed with Wrong Permissions

I was on a server and running a boring site collection backup command with the Backup-SPSite powershell cmdlet and got the following error:

Backup-SPSite : Cannot find an SPSite object with Id or URL: …  (full message below)

I’ve had issues with this server so it made me think that the server was sick or something.  I […]

Straight to Jail List – Cisco VPN Client

Last summer, I created a “straight to jail” list for the refrigerator.  #1 on the list is Lawrence O’Donnell (for inaccurate predictions), but that’s way beyond the scope of this blog :)  Today, I’m adding Cisco’s VPN client to the list, and that’s in scope by a nose.

A bunch of years ago many of clients […]

SharePoint Fest – Denver

I’ll be speaking in Denver at the SharePoint Fest event on May.  I’m going to discuss some common business and technical want-to-do’s in SharePoint Designer workflows and outline some patterns you can use to solve them.

There’s a lot of other very interesting stuff going on at the conference, so check it out:

It’s not a […]

Implement a Global Pop-up Notification System

I wrote up an article for entitled “Implement a Global Pop-up Notification System.”  This function was implemented for a community college to communicate school closings due to snow and so forth. 

It uses a custom list, out of the box SharePoint web services and some jQuery to do the work.

Here’s a teaser:

Read the […]

Connecting Text Field Filters to Your Custom Web Part

I wanted to receive information from a Text Field filter in SharePoint 2010 into my custom web part.  I tried using this MSDN article as a basis but the article is either broken or I’m just not following it correctly.

A little more searching turned up Mike Smith’s MSDN contribution here (

There’s a lot of stuff […]

Renaming Web Part Namespaces (Or, One reason for “A Web Part or Web Form Control on this Page cannot be displayed or imported)”

I’ve been working to get my dev chops back and to that end, working on a hobby project that has the following bits:

Connected web part that receives a site or site collection URL from an out of the box SharePoint Text Filter web part.

This web part looks up all the info about the the […]