Changing Site Column Groups in SharePoint Designer 2010

I created a slew of site columns using SharePoint Designer 2010 this morning and realized that I had given them all the wrong group.  It was embarrassingly difficult to figure out.  I didn’t know where to click…

I kept wanting to double click the row itself or click the Column Settings button in the ribbon.

As it […]

Manually Edit SPD XOML File to Clean Up Variables

In this post here (“Getting Answers Back from the Start Approval Process Activity”), I mentioned that you can accidentally add a whole slew of workflow variables to your SharePoint Designer workflow.  Things can quickly become cluttered and hard to read.  Specifically, if you add the “Start Approval Process Activity” action to your workflow, delete it […]

How to Find and Edit SPD 2010 Workflow XOML Files

I was researching an easy way to remove a bunch of workflow variables without having to spend my afternoon in a full blown SPD click torture session.  My thought was to edit the XOML directly, which is the XML file underlying SPD’s declarative workflows.  This is how I found it.

First, go to the All Files […]

Getting Answers Back from the Start Approval Process Activity

I’ve been playing around with SharePoint Designer workflow’s fancy new “Start Approval Process” activity and was quickly stymied because I couldn’t right away answer the question, “was it approved or not?”. 

The short answer is that it’s quite easy to get the answer.  When you add this activity to your main workflow, SPD adds a […]

SharePoint Designer 2010 MOD function

I am working out some log where employees can request vacation, sick time, etc. One validation rule requires that you must always request time off in 4 hour intervals.  This is easy enough to do – use a modulo function.  Modulo function tells you the remainder in division.  If there is no remainder, modulo is […]

CodePlex Project – SP2010 Explorer

As part of an on-going effort to learn the technical low level details of SharePoint 2010, I’ve created a “SharePoint Explorer” kind of tool.  The idea isn’t new.  I used this project more than once:  My idea is to create a SharePoint version that uses connected web parts to show all the low-level detail […]

SharePoint Designer 2007 Workflow Extensions CodePlex Project

I am putting together my second CodePlex project (details to be announced on Wednesday this week, plus or minus) and I had a look at my first project, “SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions”.  I was shocked and embarrassed to see that that it’s been downloaded over 4,800 times:

I basically forgot about this project in the last […]

Export-SPWeb Tells Me “InvalidData” But the Data is Valid

I’m in the process of writing an article for the good people at and it involves deploying an list from a development farm to a production farm.  I’m still accustomed to using stsadm and need to break that habit, so I fired up the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell and played around using Export-SPWeb to […]

Working With TreeNodeBinding in the ASP.NET Treeview Control

I’ve been working on what I hope will be a soon-released CodePlex project that provides a nice integrated bit of web parts talking to each other via provider/consumer connections for the purpose of exploring a SharePoint site under the covers.  (This has certainly been done before, but this is a learning project as much as […]