SharePoint 2010 KeywordQuery and Anonymous Users

I enabled anonymous access in my site to test out a search web part I’ve been developing and to no great surprise, it didn’t quite work.  Anonymous access is pretty much always a challenge for me.

In this case, the initial search wasn’t running for some reason.  I should say that it was running but it […]

SharePoint 2010 KeywordQuery and the HiddenConstraints Property

I’ve been doing a bit of work with the KeywordQuery object in SharePoint 2010 and making use of the HiddenConstraints property.

I didn’t find any immediately helpful information on the that property, so I thought I’d quickly jot down how I’ve been using it.

As far as I can tell, this is an automatic constraint added to […]

Example: XSLT Creating HTML Href’s

I’ve been doing a bit of XSL stuff lately and thought I’d put together a sample for my future reference and that may be of value to all of us XSLT-ers making a living in the internets.

Consider the following XML:

<FdcSearchTabsCollection Count="2">   <SearchTab Label="Industry" SortOrder=”00” Label=”Industries” SearchConstraints="contenttype:Industry" TabID="831b2a74-98c4-4453-8061-86e2fdb22c63"/> […]

SharePoint MVP Chat on Wed 04/20

I’ll be participating in one of the period MVP chats next week, 04/20.  Here’s Microsoft’s write-up and link to the registration:

Do you have tough technical questions regarding SharePoint for which you’re seeking answers? Do you want to tap into the deep knowledge of the talented Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals? The SharePoint MVPs are the same […]

One Reason for “One or more field types are not installed properly”

I was making a small tweak yesterday to a web part that does a CAML query against a list.  I made the change, deployed it and got hit with an error:

An unexpected error has occurred in the Three Day Outlook Weather Forecast WebPart. Please contact the system administrator. One or more field types are not […]

Quick Fix For “There has been an error while loading the form”

I’m testing a custom SharePoint Designer 2010 activity this fine Sunday afternoon and I was unexpectedly hitting a “Critical Error” when trying to launch the workflow:

There has been an error while loading the form.

Click Start Over to load a new copy of the form.  If this error persists, contact the support team for […]