PerformancePoint and Error 33494

One of my clients called today when their PerformancePoint environment (in SharePoint 2010) broke down.  One of the app servers in the farm was running low on disk space.  While addressing that, the client uninstalled “too much” and the PP stuff all stopped functioning.  Various web parts would show “An unexpected error occurred. Error 33494. […]

Lists.asmx, GetListItems and Folders

I was doing some research for someone today around the list.asmx web service provided as part of SharePoint 2010 (and earlier).  She was able to get the list items at the root folder (including the names of sub-folders), but couldn’t get items in sub-folders.  I did some looking around on the internets and it’s a […]

SPD Workflow Patterns, Tips and Tricks

I gave my presentation today at SharePoint Fest in Denver.  Here’s the PowerPoint presentation itself:

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Lists.asmx, GetList and “Value cannot be null”

I discovered today that the GetList() method in lists.asmx web service has to be called very carefully or it’s prone to throw a mysterious “Value cannot be null” exception (and that’s assuming you can get past the even worse generic error message, “Exception of type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException’ was thrown.”)  Specifically, I found that you can’t provide […]

Endlessly Nesting <div> Tags and jQuery

This seems like such an oddball topic, I’m not sure it’s really worth blogging about, but that’s never stopped me before, so here we go

I’m working out on a project where I’m pulling some data from a search, packaging it up into an XML message and then that XML is ultimately transformed into HTML […]

Quick Fix: “The content type name ‘$Resources:ReportServerResources … cannot contain … special characters”

I’ve been spending some time cleaning up a SharePoint 2010 site and one of the cleanup issues relates to a corrupt / incorrectly installed SQL Server Report Services issue.  The issue arose when one of my colleagues tried to save a site as a template and then create create a new site based on that […]

One Cause for “The creator of this fault did not specify a Reason.”

I’ve been doing a lot of work with SharePoint search lately and specifically the KeywordQuery class, properties and methods.

If you want the result set to return results above and beyond the usual suspects (see here), you add it to the SelectedProperties collection, as in:


Many thanks and a tip of the hat to Corey Roth and […]

Handy Reference: Default Results from KeywordQuery Search

When you invoke the Execute() method on a KeywordQuery, you can create a ResultTable based on ResultType.RelevantResults.  This code snippet illustrates what I mean:

ResultTableCollection resultsTableCollection = myKeywordQuery.Execute();

ResultTable searchResultsTable = resultsTableCollection[ResultType.RelevantResults];

The resulting table will have the following columns of information: 

WorkId Rank Title […]

One Reason for: “Failed to extract the cab file in the solution”

While working on a visual studio web part project today, I did a minor re-org of some files to be put into the _layouts folder as part of the deployment process. Specifically, I renamed a .js file from “TypeAhead.js” to “TypeAhead(old).js”  I plan to remove it as soon as its successor “TypeAhead.js” proves correct.  It […]