Quick and Easy – Safe Azure Queue Names

Silly but simple post.

As a follow-up to yesterday’s posting on “StorageException was unhandled” I thought I’d show the wee snippet of code I use to generate queue names:


public static string GetRandomQueueName()

Working with Azure Queues – “StorageException was unhandled”

I’ve been playing around with Azure queues for the last week or two and it’s been going smashingly.  Where were these things when I needed them back in 1990?

This article, in particular, is an excellent intro to queues for .NET programmers:  Using that article, I’ve been able to pull together a really nice bit […]

Early Impressions on Surface Pro

[Update 3/26: I got a tweet from the @Surface people asking if they could help me with anything, so I made a plug for Swype, which they acknowledged with an “Interesting – Thanks for the feedback, Paul!”  I really think that Swype would make this device much easier to use for casual productivity.  (Also, fixed […]