How To Specify People as a Search Scope / Content Source Using SharePoint 2013 REST API

I had reason to work with the SharePoint 2013 Search API via REST for the first time.  I wanted to search for people, not documents.  The key learning here is that you specify content sources via its GUID (or at least in this case). The following jQuery snippet shows how:

loadExpertsAsync: function() […]

Example SharePoint REST Calls

Here’s a set of sample REST calls that work for me and may help you out as well.  As of 02/2014, there are two examples

Reference a Column With Spaces In Its Name
Reference a Multi-Select Column
Perform a People Search via REST


I’ll add to this as time passes.

Here are some useful inks I’ve found as well:

Reference […]

Quick and Easy: Create a SharePoint Site Using REST

There are a lot of resources around that show how to do this, but I couldn’t find a comprehensive go-to link, so here we are.

You can create a SharePoint site using the REST API.  Here’s a fully baked example:

SiteRequestForm.html: Collect information and create a site for the user.


Overcome Annoying Problem with Relative Urls in SharePoint Quick Launch

I wanted to add a link to the quick launch navigation the other day and SharePoint told me:

Pure text version of that is:

Ensure that the URL is valid and begins with either a valid character (a number sign (#) or forward slash (/)) or a valid supported protocol (for example, ‘http://’, ‘https://’, ‘file://’, ‘ftp://’, ‘mailto:’, […]

Quick and Simple: SharePoint REST Call Only Returns 100 Records

I’ve been working on a public facing web site for my SharePoint practice here in New York and it uses a lot of JavaScript and REST calls to show content.

During mainline development, I create a small dataset with just 10 or so rows in a custom list and my REST calls all pulled from there.  […]

Quick and Simple: Solve “Invalid URL Parameter” problem with UpdateListItems in lists.asmx

When working with UpdateListItems via lists.asmx, it’s easy to generate the error:

Invalid URL Parameter.

The URL provided contains an invalid Command or Value. Please check the URL again.

You can get this error when you forget to include ID in the the list of fields to update.  This, like a lot of these SP web services, […]