“Access Denied” to Default.aspx on a SharePoint 2010 Sub Site

One of my clients went live with their SharePoint 2010 environment today.  We discovered that a certain group of users couldn’t access their default home page.  SharePoint responded with “Access Denied” and the usual “sign in as another user” or “request access” response. 

When we used the nifty “Check Access” function it confirmed that the […]

Use Workflow to Simulate Content Type Security

Another day, another MSDN-forums inspired post.

Someone was asking whether they could secure a content type such that when a user clicks on the “new” button on a custom list, only content types to which that person is granted access would appear in the drop-down list.  As we know, this isn’t supported out of the box.

This […]

Content Approval as Poor Man’s Automatic Item Level Security

There’s a common business scenario with InfoPath forms.  We want allow people to fill out InfoPath forms and submit them to a library.  We want mangers (and no one else) to have access to those forms.

This question comes up now and then on the forms (e.g.

A quick way to solve this is to […]

What is Limited Access Anyway?

UPDATE 11/03/08: Be sure to read the excellent and detailed comment from Dessie Lunsford to this post.

I’ve been working on a secret tech editing project for an up-coming book and it references this blog entry by Tyler Butler on the MSDN ECM blog.  This is the first time I personally read a clear definition of […]

Quick Tip: Configure Security to Allow Admins to Access any My Site in SharePoint

In a sign that Social Computing is beginning to take off with SharePoint, I see an increased number of My Site type questions.  One common question goes something like this:

"I am an administrator and I need to be able to access every My Site.  How do I do that?"

The trick here is that each My […]

Views and Columns on Lists and Document Libraries Cannot Be Secured

UPDATE (02/29/08): This new codeplex project seems to provide a method for securing individual columns:  If you have any experience working with it, please leave a comment.

Forum posters frequently ask a question like this: "I have a manager view and and a staff view of a list.  How do I secure the manager view […]

Solution: System.IO.FileNotFoundException on “SPSite = new SPSite(url)”


UPDATE: I posted this question to MSDN here ( and Michael Washam of Microsoft responded with a concise answer. 

I created a web service to act as a BDC-friendly facade to a SharePoint list.  When I used this from my development environment, it worked fine. When I migrated this to a new server, I encountered this […]

Minimum Security Required For InfoPath Forms

I needed to meet a security requirement for an InfoPath form today.  In this business situation, a relatively small number of individuals are allowed to create a new InfoPath form and a much wider audience are allowed to edit it.  (This is new-hire on-boarding form used by Human Resources that launches a workflow).

To meet that […]

SharePoint Does Not Provide “Who Has Access” Reports

UPDATE 01/28/08: This codeplex project addresses this issue:  I have not used it, but it looks promising if this is an issue you need to address in your environment.

UPDATE 11/13/08: Joel Oleson wrote up a very good post on the larger security management issue here:  It links to a number of other useful […]

SharePoint Security Fundamentals Primer / Avoid Common Pitfalls

UPDATE 12/18/07: See Paul Liebrand’s article for some technical consequences of removing or modifying the default group names (see his comment below as well). 


SharePoint security is easy to configure and manage.  However, it has proven to be difficult for some first-time administrators to really wrap their hands around it.  Not only that, I have seen […]