Tracking Practice Activities – Part 1

About a year ago, I joined Slalom Consulting here in new York as what we call a Practice Area Lead.  (As a minor aside to the point of this blog post, that change in jobs accounts for my total drop-off in blogging.  It was a big change in roles and a big change in day […]

Let Shining Examples Lead the Way to Increased SharePoint Adoption

My first “pure” BrightStarr blog entry was published today.  Here’s a teaser:

There’s been a lot of conversation on the Internets of late on the topic of SharePoint adoption and especially the lack thereof. No one wants to go to all the trouble of designing a farm and security infrastructure, participating in workshops, putting together a […]

Create Printer Friendly Pages and Even Print Them

I wrote up an article for SharePoint Briefing a week or so ago and it’s been posted.  Here is the opening bit:

You can read the whole thing here:

I hope this helps someone.  Enjoy!


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“Can Do” versus “Should Do” in SharePoint Projects

I think that many of us are occasionally presented with, for lack of a better phrase, young-child requirements.  The end user really, very badly wants a certain specific look and feel, or a very specific sorting structure or a to cut out one click or menu option to ease navigation or [insert passionately held belief […]

Use Workflow to Simulate Content Type Security

Another day, another MSDN-forums inspired post.

Someone was asking whether they could secure a content type such that when a user clicks on the “new” button on a custom list, only content types to which that person is granted access would appear in the drop-down list.  As we know, this isn’t supported out of the box.

This […]

Content Query Web Part: SharePoint’s Swiss Army Knife

My latest article is up at  Here’s a teaser:

Read the whole thing here:

See it in use a real public web site here by following these steps:

Go to this web page: (This is the customer support page for CDI).
Click on “Case Studies” in the left hand navigation.

It will jump to […]

Pre-existing Conditions: SharePoint Alert Templates to the Rescue (?)

One of my clients worked with a previous contractor to build out a small but useful HR application for the enterprise.  That contractor used SharePoint Designer to implement the workflow portion of the solution.  It’s a bit of a mess.  For instance, there are nine SPD workflows in support of a single logical workflow process […]

SharePoint Demonstration: Leverage SharePoint to Build a Vertical Business Application

[Note: I want to straight away say that I have a financial interest in the desired outcome of this demonstration, which I mention in the interest of full disclosure, etc.  This is actually the first time I’ve ever blogged about an event where I stand to benefit personally in this way.]

This web demonstration takes place […]

You Can Pry SharePoint Designer From My Cold, Dead Hands

My latest article is up at  I wrote about SharePoint Designer, End Users and the outline of a strategy that End Users might try and follow in order to demonstrate competence and build trust around this tool.

The comments are more interesting than the article itself.

Check it out.


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MOSS User Profile as the Authority for User Language Preference

On my current project, some of the users will travel around the world and when they arrive at different destinations, use whatever machine is handy at the time.   Those guest machines will be running Windows and installed and configured for the local locale.  (I’ve just realized that the guest machines may not have the right […]