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No soup for you! Is Cisco the Soup Nazi of NLB products?

Today, I tried to access a document library via windows explorer. This doc lib is living inside a system that consists of two WFE’s load balanced by some kind of Cisco NLB solution. (If/when the network wizards tell me what it is, I’ll…

Managing MOSS / WSS Environments — keeping up with Microsoft’s knowledge base

Microsoft creates knowledge base articles day in and day out and some of those are darned important to know about if you live in the SharePoint world. I keep up to speed with them via a service provide by the good folks at www.kbalertz.com. KBAlertz…

How to Upload Exe Files in SharePoint Document Library

If you are getting error while uploading exe file or anyother blocked files. Follow the steps below to upload the files Open Central Administration in the Operation Tab […]

How to Become an MVP

How to become an MVP: To become an MVP you should do following stuffs regularly Active Participation in Communities Writing Technical Articles Participation in Technical Groups White Papers Speaker in Conferences Speaker in Webinars If you have any …

Free SharePoint Web Parts

Hi SharePoint Dev’s, Mark Kruger has given the list of free sharepoint webparts http://www.sharepointblogs.com/mkruger/archive/2007/06/26/free-sharepoint-web-parts-3rd-party.aspx Check it.

Web Application Policy, Security Sites and Security Trimming — Know your configuration

(UPDATED 11/29 to explain how to access web application policy settings via the UI) I had one of those "why is MOSS doing this to me????" moments today. In the end, it’s all my fault. We have an enterprise MOSS project going on and we…

Quick and Simple: Use Fixed Keyword Query in Search Core Results

Quick and Simple Instructions: Edit a page and add a Search Core Results web part. Edit that web part and expand "Fixed Keyword Query". Add the fixed keyword query (e.g. ContentType:"Training invoice" TrainingInvoiceNumber:1111) Exp…

Tell me about your blog!

If you maintain a blog that is at least minimally connected to SharePoint, please let me know in comments. I would love to add you to my blog list. If you maintain a blog that is not connected to SharePoint but want me to add it anyway, let me know….

Employee Training Schedule and Materials Template — Decrement bug in the template

The client noticed a bug today with the above mentioned template. Course managers create courses. When creating a course, the manager specifies maximum number of available seats. The template provides for self-service enrollment. I enroll and …

Give good news frequently; give bad news early

I’ve been a consultant for a lot of years now and as any experienced consultant knows, good communication is one of the key pillars to the successful delivery of a project. It’s so obvious, it’s really almost boring to talk about. …