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TreeView Doc Lib V 2.0 in CodePlex

I have released the next version of TreeView Document Library WebPart for SharePoint 2007. Added features in this release: Automatically populates the list of document libraries in dropdownlist in toolpart Collapsed TreeView can be managed from to…

Programmatically Retrieve List of Document Libraries

The following code snippet is used to retrieve the list of document libraries. SPWeb _web = SPContext.Current.Web; SPListCollection ListColl = _web.Lists; foreach (SPList _lst in ListColl) { if (_lst.BaseTemplate == SPListTem…

Microsoft.IdentityModel assembly Missing Error while installing SharePoint 2010

While running SharePoint Configuration wizards, if you get an error “Microsoft.IdentityModel assembly missing” Make sure you have installed “Geneva Framework”, its part of your pre requisites for SP 2010

SharePoint Shop Talk Thursday 11/19, 12:30PM to 1:30 PM

SharePoint Shop Talk continues with our 14th session tomorrow at 12:30PM EDT. This is a free ranging and open Q&A session free to everyone that wants to attend. Dial in and ask questions or start a discussion on a topic of your choosing. This wee…

Announcing the Microsoft Enterprise Search User Group

I’m very excited to announce that Natalya Voskresenskaya, my fellow SharePoint MVP and partner (with far less help from me than she deserved) is launching a new user group devoted to enterprise search based on Microsoft technology. As a practical m…

Download SharePoint 2010 Beta

Microsoft has released the beta bits of SharePoint 2010 for MSDN & Tech Net subscribers. I hope it will be available for public in few days J

SharePoint 2010 Technology Stack

SharePoint 2010 Technology Stack looks like below. The key advantage for the developers would be the development machine can be set it up in Windows Vista or Windows 7 (x64-bit) machine J

Building WebPart in SharePoint 2010 – Video Screen Cast

Microsoft SharePoint Development team has released the following screen casts for developers. Click Here for ScreenCast

SharePoint Shop Talk Tomorrow (11/12) from 12:30PM to 1:3PM EDT

The next SharePoint Shop Talk takes place tomorrow at 12:30 PM EDT. This is a free event to anyone that has a telephone. A panel of SharePoint pro’s take questions and do their best to provide useful guidance and advice. We regularly hijack audie…

WSS 3.0 Application Templates Grouped by Business Area

If you are looking for free application template, which suites your business area, read this resource on TechNet. It has list of 40 Application templates grouped by the following business category. Business Management/Finance Human Resources Op…