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Case-Insensitive Comparison in InfoPath

I wrote an article for SharePointBriefing.com and they put it up live today. Here’s a teaser: Check it out. </end> Subscribe to my blog. Follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/pagalvin Technorati Tags: InfoPath

CodePlex Release : List Search WebPart

Hi Community, I have contributed List Search WebPart for SharePoint in CodePlex. Project Description: This Project provides the List Search WebPa…

BPOS HR Demo / Case Study Video

[Updated 12/07/09 to use gigantic windows live icons since the links were broken. Windows live doens’t know how to embed .wmv files that are hosted on sky drive, apparently. Or, I can’t figure it out, which is maybe more likely.] A few weeks ago…

Contractor Needed

Arcovis is looking for a contractor to help with a project in NYC. To be successful, you should have these skills: Solid understanding of MOSS features from a solutions perspective. We do not need a solid admin, though admin skills may be useful. …

How to Create Custom Menu Item in Site Actions

The below sample feature creates new menu item in Site Actions menu, Please replace the GUID in the below code. Sample Feature File <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <Feature Id=”<GUID>…