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Get Help for PowerShell cmdlet

Day 2: How to get help for PowerShell cmdlet, like syntax or list of mandatory/optional parameters to be used with cmdlet. Get-Help is the cmdlet to provide help for the cmdlet. Syntax: Get-Help <<cmdlet>> Example: Let&#821…

List all PowerShell Command-let’s in SharePoint 2010

This is the series of PowerShell Scripts in SharePoint 2010. Learn a cmdlet (command-let) a day. Cmdlet(Command-let) Cmdlet’s are compiled commands installed with PowerShell. When you start “SharePoint 2010 Management PowerShell&#…

List does not exist Error for Anonymous Users in SharePoint 2010

I was getting the “List does not exist error” for anonymous users, after enabling the debug mode I got the below loooong exception. It doesn’t really point you with the actual error, after couple of digs; I figured that my master page gallery and…