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Where is Microsoft.CSharp Anyway?

I was handed a .zip file with a moderately complex project structure and which had been ripped out of subversion.  The code is referencing Microsoft.CSharp, as in: As you can see, visual studio was missing the actual DLL.  I don’t normall…

Very Cool BrightStarr Video

Having just started working here at BrightStarr, I’m pretty psyched that we’ve put together this very cool video up on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/user/BrightStarrSP I wasn’t involved in producing it and I’m not personally big on these…

Goodbye CGS, Hello BrightStarr!

Tomorrow, I officially start my first day at BrightStarr (www.brightstarr.com), a UK based company with a US office that is, incredibly, a mere 6 miles from my house. It was an easy decision to leave CGS, but a hard decision to make .  Let me expl…