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CodePlex Project Update: SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions

A while ago, I wrote that I was trying to resurrect my old CodePlex project, SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions.  That CodePlex project was developed for WSS/MOSS and adds a handful of utility type functions, such as “ToLower()”, “ToUpper()”, “Substring()” and so forth.  It even has a general purpose “call web service” style function.  You can read more about it here:

I more or less abandoned it quite a while ago.  Ever since SharePoint 2010 came out, however, I’ve been meaning to look back at it and make it work in SP 2010.  Well, today, I did just that.  I haven’t updated the code to CodePlex yet. I want to educate myself on CodePlex conventions before I do that, but I did update the home page wiki for the project.

The wider and more interesting implication is that custom activities from WSS and MOSS seem to port over pretty easily, which is a (welcome) surprise to me.

Here’s what it looks like in SharePoint Designer when it’s working:



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CodePlex Project – SP2010 Explorer

As part of an on-going effort to learn the technical low level details of SharePoint 2010, I’ve created a “SharePoint Explorer” kind of tool.  The idea isn’t new.  I used this project more than once:  My idea is to create a SharePoint version that uses connected web parts to show all the low-level detail that the object model can provide. 

This blog post serves as both an announcement of the project as well as a call for volunteers.  If you’re interested in working on this project, let me know via email ( and we’ll work it out.

Here is the project:


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New release: SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions (string manipulation functions)

UPDATE: See here for my thoughts on commercializing this project:!1CC1EDB3DAA9B8AA!569.entry

I’ve been busy working on my Codeplex project which is presently focused on providing string manipulation extensions to workflows created via SharePoint Designer.

See here for details:

Project home:


Version 1.0 includes the following new features:

Function Description (if not same as .Net function)
Num-entries() Returns the number "entries" in a string as per a specified delimiter. 

For example: Num-entries in a string "a,b,c" with delimiter "," = 3.

Entry() Returns the nth token in a string as per a specified delimiter. 
Length String.Length
Replace() String.Replace()
Contains() String.Contains()
Returns the word "true" or the word "false".
Substring(start) String.Substring(start)
Substring(start,length) String.Substring(start,length)
ToUpper() String.ToUpper()
ToLower() String.ToLower()
StartsWith() String.StartsWith()
Returns the word "true" or the word "false".
EndsWith() String.EndsWith()
Returns the word "true" or the word "false".

My very own CodePlex project: Workflow extensions for SharePoint Designer

UPDATE: See here (!1CC1EDB3DAA9B8AA!310.entry) for the latest on this project.

I created a CodePlex project today to house the Generic SPD interface code that I blogged about here (!1CC1EDB3DAA9B8AA!275.entry).

Have a look at here ( to see the CodePlex project and kick the tires.

If you’re interested in working on this with me, fire off an email at