Emailing Daily Task Reminders // Looping in SharePoint Designer Workflow

I wrote up a detailed article a few weeks ago describing how to create a SharePoint Designer workflow that sends a task reminder email on a daily basis.  It’s been published at the new SharePoint Magazine site.  More generally, the article shows how to create a looping structure in SPD.

The magazine has a wide variety of articles including, among other things, very technical stuff, interviews and industry news.  I recommend you add it to your RSS feed.

If you have a product or service to sell, I’d also consider advertising on the site.  It’s off to a strong start with several thousand pairs of eyes looking at it already.  That’s sure to grow.

Lastly, if you’ve been itching to write something and get it out in front of a larger audience, this is a great time and place to scratch it.  


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3 thoughts on “Emailing Daily Task Reminders // Looping in SharePoint Designer Workflow

  1. Stephanie

    Hi! Will you ever be publishing your SharePoint Daily Task Reminders article on here or elsewhere? Seems like SharePoint Magazine is down or gone…..


    1. Paul Galvin Post author

      I know this comment is veru old. I’m going to dig around for it. I think that it is a lot less needed these these days and may not be relevant given all the changes in SharePoint Designer.

  2. Abiyu

    Hi Paul,
    I couldn’t found the so called “SharePoint Magazine site.” due to issue with Microsoft. Can you send me any other source or your solution via email about “Emailing Daily Task Reminders // Looping in SharePoint Designer Workflow”, please?



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