End User Quick Tip: Sort Views in a Document Library, List, etc.

We can, should and do create many views in SharePoint lists (document libraries, custom lists, etc).  SharePoint always lists available views in alphabetical order.  We cannot change this using out of the box functionality.  If it can be done via customization (and I’m not sure it can), it’s far to technical for your typical end user.

If you want to control the order in which SharePoint lists available views, simply prepend a number or letter to the view name, as in:

1 – By Material Type
2 – All Documents
3 – Due Date


A – By Material Type
B – All Documents
C – Due Date

I have also created views whose purpose is strictly to feed a KPI.  I have been following this naming convention:


That causes my "KPI" views to appear at the bottom of the list.


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