If You Haven’t Tried Twitter …

Twitter is a very odd duck.  I’ve been using Twitter for a little over a month and in some indefinable way, it’s almost as important to me as email.  I find myself vaguely unsettled if I wait too long before looking over what others are twittering about.  I get annoyed at Twitter’s occasional performance problems because it means I’m missing out.  I get a little puff of excitement when I see a new Woot announcement.

It’s a real community builder in a way that really complements blogs and forums and even personal face to face meetings.

In the last month, I’ve followed one person’s attempts at shaking a cold while trying to manage a Seder.

I’ve learned personal detail about many folks I mainly "know" through blogs — where they live, the kind of projects they work on, that they have a work / family issues to manage just like me.

One person’s mother passed away … a sad event for sure.  But sharing that fact changes and enhances the character of the whole experience.

That’s just the personal stuff.

There’s more to it than that.  It’s also another medium for sharing ideas, or more often I think, seeking help.  Throw a question up on Twitter and you’re never left hanging and the responses typically arrive within minutes.

If you haven’t tried it, you should really give it a go. 

Look me up at http://www.twitter.com/pagalvin

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4 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Tried Twitter …

  1. Paul Galvin
    Bob, it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.
    To me, today, its best value is getting some non-technical insight into various community members that I would otherwise never get.  I feel like I "know" Lawrence Liu in some sense and in a way that I would never get from any other medium. 
    Is that valuable in a real concrete way?  I don’t know and won’t try to justify it, but it makes me feel better overall 🙂
  2. Bob Fox
    I dont know Paul…. LL got us all using it and it became sorta crackish (addictive)  you do see some usefull info but its alot of noise…. were all having internal MVP debates on the usefullness.  Im still debating on this but good post nontheless.

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