Let Shining Examples Lead the Way to Increased SharePoint Adoption

My first “pure” BrightStarr blog entry was published today.  Here’s a teaser:

There’s been a lot of conversation on the Internets of late on the topic of SharePoint adoption and especially the lack thereof. No one wants to go to all the trouble of designing a farm and security infrastructure, participating in workshops, putting together a snazzy look and feel, working out a rock solid information architecture that can withstand the vicissitudes of company re-orgs and finally, a fanfare-filled rollout just to discover three months post go-live that less than 50% of the company employees are using SharePoint and most of them are using it to replace the old network file servers ("the S:\ drive").

No silver bullet (or single blog post) is going to solve that problem. However, there are lot of things you can do to reduce the risk of an anemic SharePoint portal. One such technique is the "Shining Example Pattern."

I’d love to know about other SharePoint adoption strategies that you care to share.  If you do share, please leave as a comment on the BrightStarr blog.

Read the whole thing here: http://www.brightstarr.com/US/Pages/blog-view.aspx?BlogID=52


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