Quick and Simple: Configure MOSS to search a specific document library

See UPDATE (I) below (11/24/07) on How to Configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to Index and Crawl Network Folders for Search

Objective: I want to execute a search restricted to a specific document library.  In this case, the document library contains training documents.


1. Record the URL of the document library.

2. Create a scope:

Go to central administration.

Access the SSP.

Go to "Search Settings".

Scroll down to the scope section and select "View Scopes".

Create a new scope.  Give it a name and useful description.

3. Define scope crawl rules:

Add a rule that defines the document library for this scope.

Select "web address" for "Scope Rule Type".

Enter the name of your folder (see #1 above).

Accept the default value of "Include".

Wait for the scope to update (or start it manually).

4. Enable the scope in a site collection.

Go to site collection where you want to use this scope.

Add your new scope to the appropriate display group or groups.

5. Search!

At this point, you’re done.  Assuming the scope is properly defined, it will be available in the scopes drop downs for simple and advanced searches and when you search using that scope, you’ll just get results you expect.


I wrote this blog entry because my searches for simple scope setup turned up dry using phrases like:

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You can create a search scope on a folder, not just the entire document library. 

A scope can be shared across multiple site collections (hence, a "shared service").

You can create the scope at the site collection level itself.  However, I prefer to go to central admin because I can start the crawl from there.  You cannot start the crawl from the site collection.

UPDATE (I) as of 11/24/07:

Kai Shang put together a great post entitled How to Configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to Index and Crawl Network Folders for Search @ http://kaishenghoo.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!8A7458DB12CA5AC9!206.entry


4 thoughts on “Quick and Simple: Configure MOSS to search a specific document library

  1. No name
    Hi Paul,
    Like no name’s last comment, i also stuck on the 0 results. Add some new scopes by using site collection setting.
    These are of images and pdf files. In pdf files it showing item count : 2 and Total :0 why???
    Even in images showing me item count :0 and Total error…very surprising…
    When i am searching the pdf document using my new scope it showing no result.
    would you please help me out what should i do for this.
    Please email me at kdk1983@gmail.com
  2. Chris Stewart
    Hi Paul
    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.  I am in the process of testing how things work.  I have created a custom list called Clients.  In this list I have created a sample set of clients that has details such as product purchased and location and sales person assigned to them.  I have then created a document library which contains all client documents.  For these documents I have defined a couple of Metadata fields one of which is a link to the customer name that is in the list I created.
    Is it possible to create a search whereby I could select several fields such as location and sales person and then have returned to me all the documents that are relevant to the criteria I have selected from the list for my search?
    In SQL terms what i am doing is asking it first to return the names of all the clients where Location =X and Sales Person=Y.  Then I am taking that result and asking the system to return all the documents that relate to the returned list of clients given by my first query.
    Any help or directional guides suggestions you could point me at would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind Regards
  3. Josh Hoehne
    When I follow your steps it says that I have no items in my scope even though I know there are files in the library.  The weirdest thing is that it used to be working but all of a sudden it stopped working.  Meaning that the scope used to have the appropriate content in it, but something happened and it won’t show any of my files.  Any ideas of what I can do or what I am doing wrong?

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