SharePoint Demonstration: Leverage SharePoint to Build a Vertical Business Application

[Note: I want to straight away say that I have a financial interest in the desired outcome of this demonstration, which I mention in the interest of full disclosure, etc.  This is actually the first time I’ve ever blogged about an event where I stand to benefit personally in this way.]

This web demonstration takes place Thursday, 06/04 at 12:30 EDT, ending at 1:30PM EDT.

In cooperation with my excellent business partner, Integrated Systems and Services Group (ISSG), I have been working to develop a vertical business application using SharePoint as the platform.  In this case, we’re building an application that serves the needs of manufacturers that make customized product for their customers.  In these cases, a great deal of collaboration needs to take place between the customer and the manufacturer.  There’s also a great deal of collaboration required between different groups within the manufacturer, including sales, engineering, research and development, legal and other groups.

The demo is going to show an application that facilitates that kind of collaboration, along with a discussion on how all of those collaboration bits need to integrate with a backend ERP system.

Lastly, this isn’t going to be a SharePoint demo.  This is a demonstration of a solution for a specific niche problem that happens to use SharePoint as the platform.

So, why would you bother to sign up and see this demo?  I don’t expect too many readers of my blog to be all that interested in a solution for make-to-order manufacturers 🙂  Your take-away would be the concept itself – using SharePoint purely to deliver a business solution without regard to SharePoint itself.

If you’re interested, please sign up here(


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