SharePoint Designer, Current Item’s “Encoded Absolute URL” and HTTPS

We often want to send an email that includes a hyperlink to the item or document that triggered the workflow.  We can use current item’s "Encoded Absolute URL" for this purpose.  However, it always seems to use "http" for the URL protocol.  If your site runs on HTTPS then it will not work for you.


As far as I know, there is no out of the box solution to this problem.  If you need to use HTTPS, you have no out of the box option.

To solve it, create a custom action that provides a string replace function to use in your workflow.  Alternatively, use a 3rd party tool such as the excellent package here: 🙂


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4 thoughts on “SharePoint Designer, Current Item’s “Encoded Absolute URL” and HTTPS

  1. Joe Breen

    For me the Encoded Absolute URL does not encode correctly.  e.g. I get http://intranet/sites/lists/mylist/99.000

    If I try using the [LISTNAME:Path] it does not encode correctly either if there is a space in the list name.  e.g. ‘my list’ should encode as ‘my%20list’ but it outputs in the email URL as ‘mylist’.

    This happens for http (haven’t tried for https:)

    Any suggestions?


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