SharePoint on the Train

Today, I was reading through Mike Walsh’s Teach Yourself SharePoint 2007 in 24 Hours and, incredibly, the lady on the seat next me said, "We just implemented SharePoint in our company."  It’s "incredible" because people just don’t talk to me on the train 🙂  It’s funny how SharePoint was the catalyst.

The other interesting aspect was that she didn’t realize that there were books on the product.  Here comment was along the lines of "It must be pretty important if people are writing books about it."  I think everyone reading my blog would agree with that.


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2 thoughts on “SharePoint on the Train

  1. Yasir Attiq Butt
    Hi Paul,
    I have an Interesting thing to Share.  I was working for a Big Electronics Company as SharePoint consultant who suddenly hired a SharePoint guy to maintain their environments.  he is a guy aged 45 so once I asked him "What were you doing before working on SharePoint".  His quick response was "I Drive Trucks for 10 years" 🙂

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