SharePoint Shop Talk this Thursday 09/17/09 12:30 PM EDT to 1:30 PM EDT

The next SharePoint Shop Talk takes place this Thursday, 09/17 at 12:30PM EDT.

What is SharePoint Shop Talk?  It’s a one hour conference call where a panel of SharePoint pro’s answer questions.  Send your questions to “”, leave a comment on my blog here or just ask them out loud on the call.  The panel tries to offer several different approaches to solving the underlying problem behind the question and just generally provide unbiased expert advice.

This week we continue with the same panel, including myself, my two Arcovis partners Harry Jones and Natalya Voskresenskaya and Laura Rogers of SharePoint911.

Briefly recapping last week – we had more questions than we could answer, so this week, we’ll start off with those.  We had 34 registrants and I think 25 people actually joined the call.  We covered a wide variety of subjects that I would say were 75% end user oriented, including:

  • Strategies for rolling up content from sub-sites to top level sites inside and across site collections.
  • The impact of customizing editform.aspx using SharePoint Designer.
  • Dealing with the famous “collect data from a user” SharePoint Designer workflow action.
  • Using jQuery to solve some common user interface problems.
  • Time zone questions (for a geographically distributed environment)

We covered several other items as well, but the details escaped me.

I promised to do follow up with a live meeting to dig into one of the questions and still need to do that. 

Register for this week’s session here:

This week, we’re going to talk about at least:

  • Strategies for managing and getting at version history for documents
  • Suitability and ideas around using SharePoint as a front end that allows your customers to view some financial data.
  • Workflow questions (as usual).

We’ll see and hear you there!


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