SharePoint Shop Talk Thursday 10/01 @ 12:30 PM EDT (tomorrow!)

SharePoint Shop Talk registration is up and ready for tomorrow.

We have a few questions teed up that address some management issues (dev/test/prod and syncing up service packs), email notifications (how to select people to email based on metadata of a document) and some discussion around using InfoPath forms services in an FBA environment.

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One thought on “SharePoint Shop Talk Thursday 10/01 @ 12:30 PM EDT (tomorrow!)

  1. Marc Lane

    Ha unfortunately the shop talk is at 12:30 which is about 2am Australian time 😉 so i wont be able to join in however, i have got three little questions which i would be interested in hearing peoples ideas/thoughts.

    I have a task list with related tasks, this then gets shown as on a project timeline, problem is that we wanted to change the parent task due date and then update all childs with this due date, I could do an update loop with two tables but that seems a bit backwards. So has anyone seen a custom Action where you can edit multiple rows in a single workflow?

    We have an issue where we have a document library and the users daily need to do bulk upload, however they can bulk upload without needing to fill in mandatory columns, is there any fix for this?

    We also have a shared calendar that people connect to their outlook, When viewing the calendar entry (in outlook) there is a link which directs them to the edit entry page, but obviously most people don’t have access to edit the calendar. Can it be changed to the view entry link.. easily. As a temporary measure i have built a workflow that appends a link to the end of the description on creation.

    Thanks in advance,



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