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We held our 3rd SharePoint Shop Talk session yesterday.  Twenty-five folk braved the overly aggressive registration screen (we’re working on that!) to sign up and dial into the call. 

The topics varied widely although they were a bit more end user and light admin focused this time.  We spent a lot of time discussing the age old question, “how do I secure a view”.  There was some SharePoint Designer in there, a bit of content deployment, version of web parts on publishing pages (there really isn’t any versioning for web parts), best practices for setting up security (answer = “it depends” and keep in mind Joris’ post here: and analytics (which led to promoting Todd Klindt’s post here about LogParser and SharePoint: 

A pattern seems to be forming with these calls.  A question is emailed in or asked during the Q&A and the bottom line answer is “it depends.”  The panel discusses various angles to the question, we may stray off onto the odd tangent or two, but in the end, we’ve had a pretty thorough discussion of that topic.  My goal with these sessions is that question asker walks away from the call with more options to solve her problem than she had before she joined the call.  I think it’s safe to say that that’s happening (in fact, she may have too many options in some cases).

Next week, my colleagues and I at Arcovis are jointly presenting a webinar with two of our partners, Integrated Systems and Services Group and Cloud Strategies about Microsoft Online services.  I think it’s going to be very informative.  Our role (Arcovis) is to present a short demo on how to build a real world solution using Microsoft on line.  We’re going to demonstrate a human resources application to manage the on-boarding process for new hires.  If you’ve wondered about MS Online, check this webinar out. 

This webinar probably means that we won’t be holding a Shop Talk session next week, but keep tuned 🙂  If we do have it, it won’t be on Thursday.

Once again, my thanks goes to the panel: Harry Jones, Natalya Voskresenskaya and Laura Rogers.  Thanks, guys!


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2 thoughts on “SharePoint Talk Shop Recap

  1. No name

    Would you be able to recap the personal view idea that one attendee had about how to create the "secure" view? I couldn’t catch all of it as I was listening.

    Thanks for having the session…I’ll try to tune in more often!

  2. Jim Bob Howard

    These calls have had a super impact on the work I’m doing with SharePoint. So far, I have been on all three and taken something away from every one of them. And, I’ve been able to lead others in the right direction. It’s been great to "talk shop" with my fellow #SharePoint aficianados around the country and world.

    Thanks Paul, Harry, Natalya, and Laura for letting me be a part of this.

    Jim Bob


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