Speaking at New York SharePoint Developers Group Meeting

I’ll be presenting at the New York SharePoint Developers group meeting in New York at the Microsoft Offices on 6th Ave on Tuesday, 01/27 at 6:00 PM (just over a week from now!).

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It’s going to be a technical presentation where I walk through the process of creating a custom workflow action that can be packaged and installed into a SharePoint environment and used by SharePoint Designer to create declarative workflow solutions.

Think this: http://www.codeplex.com/spdactivities

I’ll do a little evangelizing as I go along, making the case that developers should really think hard about the benefits of this kind of effort.  it goes something like this: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, build him a custom workflow action and he can design and implement his own business process for finding fish (or any other food!) and leave the developers alone to do the heavy duty complex programming that developers are best at doing.

It’s obviously a developer oriented session, but I do encourage curious end users and admins to show up.  Even though the specific process of creating a custom action is targeted directly at developers, the meta conversation about one is not.

I hope to see you there.


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