Sunday Morning Funny: “Jesus Must Die”

We bought our first (and only) "luxury" car back when hurricane Floyd nailed the east coast of the U.S.  We got a LOT of rain here in New Jersey and several days passed before life returned to normal.  Just before Floyd struck, we made an offer for a used Volvo 850 GL and after Floyd struck, drove it home.

It was our first car with a CD player.  Like most new car owners, we went a little CD crazy, revived our dormant CD collection and went on long drives just to listen to CD’s in the car.  Like all fads, this passed for us and we ended listening to the same CD over and over again.  In our case, it was Jesus Christ Superstar

One of the (many) brilliant pieces in that rock opera is sung by the establishment religious types, led by Caiaphas, the "High Priest".  They sing their way into deciding how to handle the "Jesus problem" and Caiaphas directs them to the conclusion that "Jesus must die".  The refrain on the song is "Just must die, must die, must die, this Jesus must die".  You hear that refrain a lot in that piece.

At the time, my son was about three years old.  You can probably see where this is going. 

I came home from work one day and my son is in the living room playing with toys and humming to himself.  I’m taking off my jacket, looking through the mail and all my usual walk-in-the-door stuff and I suddenly realize that he’s just saying, not really singing: "Jesus must die, must die, must die."  I was mortified.  I could just see him doing that while on one of his baby play dates at a friend’s house — probably the last play date with that baby friend.

We pulled that CD out of the Volvo after that 🙂


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One thought on “Sunday Morning Funny: “Jesus Must Die”

  1. Michael Gannotti wrote:
    LOL! I can recall a few similar incidents like this when my son was little (in particular when he was in Catholic Elementary School, 1st grade, and he misunderstood a conversation he overheard about a medical condition of his grnadfather. When they asked the kids in school if there was anything they wanted to pray for he said he wanted to pray for his Grandfather because if his pe… didn’t get better they would have to cut it off. We about died of embarrasement then laughter when the teacher told us.) Thanks for sparking a funny memory.
    Kids are the best.  🙂

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