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SharePoint Online and InfoPath

I may be the last person to realize this, but SharePoint Online (which I often hear people say is a glorified WSS) supports InfoPath Forms Services.  That’s pretty powerful stuff, especially considering that IP FS is a MOSS Enterprise feature and BPOS is something like $1.99/month for 10,000 users.  Maybe it’s a little more than that.

So, SharePoint Online defies easy definition.  It has this enterprise feature, but no anonymous access (which even WSS supports).  You can do some interesting stuff with search (MOSS-ish, since you can define site level scopes), but if you need access to the SSP, you can’t do it.  You can play the “on the one hand and on the other” game all night long with this product 🙂

Microsoft is due to release a new version of SP Online in the next few months.  I wonder what weird hybrid it’s going be?


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