Wicked Exciting Announcement

Making announcements isn’t really my thing, but this time, I’m really and truly excited about the just-launched Slalom Big Apple SharePoint site. 

I work at Slalom consulting and manage the Portals & Collaboration practice.  The Big Apple site is “my” site for my practice here in New York.  I’ve long wanted one of these. I’m sure that many SP pro’s have wished for something similar.  How many times have we looked at our own company’s public site, or one of customers and seen them building it out and just knowing and wishing that they’d build it on SP?  We all know that SP is pretty good at this kind of thing, but it’s not very common. 

Well, the worlds finally aligned just right for me – SP Online is really inexpensive, I had the right team and enough time to actually do it.

It was an amazing journey to get to launch and and some of that is shared up there on the site.

Read all about it here and if you’re interested in the details behind it, I’m more than happy to talk about it.

Here is the official announcement link: http://www.bigapplesharepoint.com/pages/View-An-Insight.aspx?BlogID=82 #O365


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