Data Connection Exceeded Maximum Limit Error in InfoPath 2010 Browser Form


When you try to get data from Data Connection for e.g. web service. You get the following error:

“The amount of data that was returned by a data connection has exceeded the maximum limit that was configured by the server administrator. Form elements, such as drop-down lists may be blank.”



InfoPath File Attachment Size Error

When you try to add attachments to the InfoPath Browser Enabled form, you may get the following error. If the attachment file size is beyond the configured maximum user session data.

“The Selected file is too large and is causing the form to exceed the amount of allowable resources. Select another file.”



Creating & Publishing InfoPath Form using Form Services in Moss 2007

This Article will help you to create and publish the InfoPath Form into Form Services in MOSS 2007.

Form Services in MOSS 2007 Form Services is a New and Great Feature introduced in MOSS 2007, using the form services the InfoPath form Templates will be uploaded to the Form Library and the Users can able […]