Creating & Publishing InfoPath Form using Form Services in Moss 2007

This Article will help you to create and publish the InfoPath Form into Form Services in MOSS 2007.

Form Services in MOSS 2007
Form Services is a New and Great Feature introduced in MOSS 2007, using the form services the InfoPath form Templates will be uploaded to the Form Library and the Users can able to open the InfoPath form in the Browser without having the client version of InfoPath 2007 in the client Machine.

1. Design the Form using InfoPath 2007
2. Check the Browser compatibility for the Form
3. Deploy it in the Form Server
4. Change the Advanced Settings to open the Form in the Browser.

Design the Form using InfoPath 2007

In Design Tasks Click Design Checker

Check the Option ‘Design a form template that can be opened in a browser or InfoPath’
If you want to verify your template you can enter the URL of a server that is running InfoPath Form Services

After enabling the Browser enabled form Check the error in design the checker Tab
Since, we have some unsupported controls for browser enabled form such as combo box, rich text control

From the File Menu Choose Publish

Select the option ‘To a SharePoint server with or without InfoPath Forms Services’

Enter the URL of the Web Application

Select the Document Library and verify the Option ‘Enable this form to be filled out by using browser’ is checked.

If you want to create new document library choose Create a new document library or else you can update the form template in an existing document library.

Enter the Name of your Document Library

Select the fields to be published in the Form Library

Finally Click Publish it will publish your template in Form Library

This is a confirmation screen for the template published successfully in the form library.

Now Open the Form Library in the Portal

Click New the template will get opened in the InfoPath client application, Because we have not enabled the browser viewing for this form library.

Click Form Library Settings for the Contact Card Form Library in Settings Menu

Click Advanced Settings

Change the Settings for Browser-enabled Documents tab
Choose the option of Display as Web Page in Opening Browser-enable Documents

Now Click New in the Form Library

New Form template gets opened in Browser using Form Services

Click Save & Save the Form in the Library

Now you view the list of documents in the view. If you click any documents it will automatically gets opened in the browser.

I Hope this Post will help you to Create & Publishing InfoPath Form using Form Services.

If you feel its worthy Please leave your valuable comments.

9 comments to Creating & Publishing InfoPath Form using Form Services in Moss 2007

  • (myBlog)

    I have a problem while opening the InfoPath 2007 Forms deployed on Form Server.
    As explained by you, in the step: “Change the Settings for Browser-enabled Documents tab
    Choose the option of Display as Web Page in Opening Browser-enable Documents” –>
    I have these settings done propery, but when I click on “New” in the Form Library, the form opens up in the InfoPath 2007 and not in the browser.
    I have also made the compatibility changes to the form, for Browser enabling, while publishing.
    Do u have any idea about this.
    Thanks in advance.

  • (Gigs)

    Hey, i have exactly the same problem 🙂
    if you find the solution let me know.

  • (Uday)

    Have you changed the Setting of the Library to open up in the browser.

    Change the Advanced Settings of the library

  • (Gigs)

    Browser-enabled Documents property is set to : Display as a Web page.

  • (Gigs)

    Solved !
    I created a new infopath template and i published it again and it simply worked.

    (I will try to identify difference between both infopath template)

  • (Uday)


  • (Queen)

    I have no problem to follow your article to publish a infopath form to a form library in MOSS 2007. But how can you set up permission to only allow user to edit/delete their submitted forms in that library? We have to give user Contributor permission so they can click “New” in the form library, fill out form and submit to the form library, at this point they also can eidt or delete other user’s posted forms in that form library. Is that a way to limit user to modify only their posted forms?



  • (Charles)

    how do i display the form services if it is not displayed on sharepoint administration3.0

  • (Uday)

    which version of MOSS you are using…….else are you using only wss.

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