Delete Button on Repeating Table InfoPath 2010

This is kind of common request from client to have kind of small delete button or image in every to delete.

I couldn’t find any approach using Rules to delete the rows. One line C# code would do the trick J


Add Button and Click on the “Edit Form Code” in Button Properties.


void DeleteRow_Clicked(object sender, ClickedEventArgs e)


// Write your code here.





When delete the source for the button, it deletes the current node in the DOM, the node contains the entire row.


Download the sample Form with code here.


2 comments to Delete Button on Repeating Table InfoPath 2010

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  • Neha

    If i have two repeating table in a section and each row has a delete button with same id for both repeating table then what should i do to delete the same row from both repeating tables with a single click…if i’m trying your above suggestion then it only deletes the row from one repeating table,not from both..

    Plz provide your valuable suggestions…its urgent..

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